Vita C All In One Pack Foam Cleanser
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser bubbling up
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser Texture
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser Texture
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser how to use
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser how to use">
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser Pouring Texture
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser Pouring Texture">
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser showing cleansing makeup
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser showing cleansing makeup">
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser Time Lapse
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser Time Lapse">
Vita C Bubble Foam Cleanser

Vita C All-in-One Bubble Foam Cleanser

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Introducing our Vita C All-in-One Bubble Foam Cleanser, your perfect solution for radiant, refreshed skin! Harnessing the power of Vitamin C and innovative foaming technology, this cleanser goes deep into your pores with plant-based konjac granules, whisking away impurities and revitalizing your complexion with every wash.

As soon as it touches dry skin, Vita C All-in-One Bubble Foam Cleanser springs into action, forming a refreshing tangy layer of bubble foam that gently exfoliates and cleans your face. Leave it on like a mask to let the bubbles work their magic to lift away dirt, oil, and makeup, then rinse with water to leave your skin clean and bright. This all-in-one bottle does it all.

Enriched with 99% Vitamin C formula and collagen, this cleanser not only purifies skin, but also helps brighten dark spots for a luminous, even-toned complexion. Plus, the Super-Tannin Complex made with 8 natural extracts smooths and refines skin texture.

Elevate your cleansing ritual and unveil the radiance within with our Vita C All-in-One Bubble Foam Cleanser.

Recommended for: all skin types, dull skin with dark spots

Size: 200 ml / 6.76 fl.oz.

Take an appropriate amount of the product and apply evenly onto the entire dry face excluding the areas around the eyes and mouth.

When bubbles rise, gently massage with a small amount of water and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Vitamin C: 99% pure vitamin C encapsulated into liposomes for enhanced protection and absorption into skin.

Purified water, dysodium cocoamphodiacetate, glycerin, polyglyceryl-4 caprate, sodium chloride, sodium cocoil alanate, acrylate cocopolymer, laurylglucoside, methylperfluoroisobutyl ether, potassium cocoilglycinate, methylperfluorobutyl ether, capryl glycol, grapefruit peel oil, 1,2-hexanediol, coco-glucoside, orange peel oil, glucomannan, sucrose, sodium cococoilicetioate, PVP, dysodium EDTA, itiflower extract, caprylic/caprycopyriteglycole, phospholipid*, hydrogenated lecithin*, ceramideenepi*, grape extract, persimmon leaf extract, pen root extract, coffee bean extract, green tea extract, choppy tree fruit extract, chestnut shell extract, sorbitanate, ascorbic acid (100ppb)*, ethylhexylglycerin, large pine leaf extract, dangneur root extract, moonflower extract, vitamin tree extract (10ppb)*, niacinamide*, 3-O-ethylascobic acid (10ppb)*, glutathione*, albutin*, magnesium ascorbophosphate (10ppb)*, hydrolizecollagen*, phytosterol*, celery seed extract, amylacinate extract, amazideSeed extract, limonene
Cruelty free
Paraben free
Phthalate free
Uneven Texture

Magic Bubbles for a Deeptox

Deepest detox ever: Wait a couple seconds for the cleanser to bubble up on its own, creating a purifying foam layer on your skin that goes deep into pores to remove impurities, blackheads, whiteheads, and makeup. ​


Three easy steps: Apply the cleanser to dry skin to let the concentrated Vitamin C settle in, Wait for it to bubble, and Rinse with water to gently cleanse and detox with plant-based konjac granules!​

Vita C Formula

Brighten & Nourish with Vitamin C! Unique Super-tannin Complex illuminates and refines your skin complexion​

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