Imagine delectable honey-glazed skin.

Royal Honey Jelly

Nourish, Smooth, & Comfort

Geumsul Key Ingredient


Our proprietary herbal complex created with a revitalizing blend of Thyme, Cornelian Cherry, and Korean Angelica to remedy signs of daily skin damage and aging while reawakening a healthy glow and rejuvenated complexion.

Thyme Extract
A soothing herb with the natural healing powers to calm inflammation and remedy blemishes
Cornelian Cherry Extract
An antioxidant-rich superfruit with vitamins A, B, C, and E to help protect and treat daily skin damage and aging while enhancing skin clarity and radiance.
Korean Angelica Extract
Nicknamed the “female ginseng”, it fights visible signs of UV damage and photoaging while actively detoxifying skin from daily skin stressors.

Royal Honey Jelly

Rich in protein, lipids, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins Nourishes and boosts collagen production to unlock smooth, honey-glazed skin Calms easily stressed skin for a soothed and comforted complexion

Royal Honey Jelly