Extreme fermented ingredients

that go through3 special processes of extreme + cold + heat


Nullam aliquet

Skin-friendly absorption with Extreme Ferment α™ processing method

The extremely fermented active ingredients are turned into phospholipids that are similar to the skin’s structure to enhance its skin-friendly properties and help with the absorption of skincare benefits.
*Limited to Time Revolution 5X line

Atelo Collagen 500

Vita C Plus

Vita C Liposome Formula

The Vita C Liposome Formula that combines vitamin C, vitamin C derivative, and phospholipids for effective delivery of active ingredients to the skin.

Bee Pollen Renew

Inovative Coresome™ delivery mechanism

The Coresome™ particles fully replenish skin with active ingredients to make it firm and dense Domestic patent registration #10-1529480, 6/11/2015, American Patent Registration #9687423, 6/27/2017


The exclusive ingredient of Chogongjin, the re-interpretation of the secret Gongjindan remedy using modern science